Thursday, 12 November 2015

TV sci-fi pilot GLADLY complete

I have completed the pilot script for GLADLY, a half hour sci-fi drama.  Outline below.


Written and created by Andrew Hawcroft

                                                          Episode One

   “A Day In The Life...”

Cameron Callendar has just reached forty, and it’s all gone wrong.  At this point in his life, he was supposed to be a successful writer of fiction, a happily married family man, fulfilled and secure, and he certainly came close to these things in the past, but somehow it never came together. 

He barely makes a living with sales of his early novels (back when he had an agent, publisher, optimism, ambition, confidence and a future) as e-books, but it’s not enough.  His days are spent trying to get the career that never came, and hopefully the richer, fuller life that was supposed to come with it.

And then one day, at 3.17pm at June 7th, everything changes.  It changes when his doorbell rings and, like a good chap, he answers it.

Standing there is a bizarre-looking girl. Thin as a nail, bright blue hair that might not be hair at all, dressed in the most garish and odd mish-mash of clothes.
She seems barely to have the energy to stand upright, but seeing him seems to make whatever trials she has clearly gone through to get here, worth it.  She regards him as a door-stepping Jehovah’s Witness would finding Jesus in jeans and a Blue Harbour jumper.

Whatever she is, (and Cameron quickly suspects she might be mentally troubled) she is clearly on the limits of her physical strength.  A large glass of milk in his kitchen later, she seems restored enough to start talking.

She says she is from the year 2372. That she has come on a one-way journey to find the man whose books she discovered on an electronic book-reader lying in junkyard.  He is apparently her idol, her hero...her reason to keep living.

Because 2372 sounds like hell.  A world ruined by the Corporation Wars, she, and the other 33, 000 humans left on the Earth (colonising other planets never worked out) live dire, purposeless lives.

The only reason Cameron doesn’t call the police, is when he casually asks her what her name is.
Gladly Higgins, she says.

The thing is, Gladly Higgins is the name Cameron has recently come up with for a string of trashy, quick-sell novels he reluctantly plans to write to make some money.

Only he hasn’t told anyone that name.

As the day passes, Gladly will tell him more and more of her story, and these conversations will begin to convince a lonely and jaded man that perhaps....just perhaps...something incredible has come into his life.

And not a moment too soon....

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