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“It is a really inspirational and yet escapist story that seems to have all the elements of a classic.” – Becky Bagnell – Lindsay Literary Agency.

“I loved I FLY.  It’s so beautiful.”  - Zoe Duncan – Scholastic Books.

“It is a wonderful debut novel, and I believe you have a rare talent for storytelling.” – Becky Bagnell.

“It’s a really lovely story. I love the sense of magic realism that goes along with Jimmy right from birth and throughout the story.  It’s a wonderful combination of the gritty and the real and the hopeful and the uplifting.” – Samantha Smith – Atom Books.

“I’m thrilled to tell you it has already been exciting quite a bit of interest from publishers.” – Becky Bagnell

Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer JO1011_Hopkins
Jimmy Cardinal isn't anyone special. He scarcely has any friends, keeps his grades neutral, and is despised by his abusive mother. Oh, how hateful his mother is. But Jimmy deals with her. He doesn't try to make her mad, complain about their Lo-Pryce dinners, or ask for anything for his birthday. So why, on the late evening of his thirteenth birthday, does Jimmy find he can float three inches off his kitchen floor? Three inches is only the beginning. With a little exercise, he realizes he can ascend 100 feet and beyond. Jimmy's life takes several spiraling turns as he attempts to keep his God-given ability a secret, but so much is at stake. He soon learns that in time he'll have to come out of the shadows, face society, and say, I fly. This novel was so delightful and well-written. Jimmy Cardinal is such a loveable character, as are a good portion the people in I Fly . Each character has a background that only helps bring the story to life. The author is so descriptive, I felt as though I was a part of Jimmy's world. And it isn't just about a boy who can fly. It is a true coming-of-age story about a boy trying to find himself in the world, and who just happens to be able to fly. Jimmy is quite the dynamic character, seeing as he becomes wiser as the story proceeds. I fell in love with this story from the very first page. If I could change something about it, I would probably not use stars to take place of the inappropriate language. Though I'm not one to encourage that, I would either not have my characters say it, or type the words and let them empower the story. Reviewer Age:14 Reviewer City, State and Country: Dorr, MI USA


author: Andrew Hawcroft

Harriet Painter has had it hard and now she is escaping. Buying a cottage in a quiet, little village, Harriet is moving herself and her young son, George, away from an abusive marriage to start anew and, finally, get some peace and sanity….or so she thinks. But soon, crazy ex-husband, Scott has hunted her down; at her job as a junior partner in a high-powered law firm, the defence case from hell is forced upon her and George no sooner starts at his new school, then he falls prey to the biggest bully in town. Peace and sanity seem well out of reach. One night, while cleaning the rotten pantry floor, Harriet falls through and makes an incredible discovery…a highly unusual painting of a medieval knight that will change everything; once he steps out of the painting……


The Man in the Painting is an ebook written for young adults that really defies classification. Its basic storyline concerns thoroughly contemporary issues (abuse, bullying, single parenting, criminality, etc.) and modern setting which slide quite easily into a fantasy realm without ever leaving the real world; holding space in a believably unbelievable arena. There is even a hint of horror genre at work within the text. All is recognisable, but askew at the same time. All characters and their relationships to each other and the world around them are tangible, sometimes painfully so; and it is easy to connect with them, feel their struggles and frustrations. The sense of genuine relief the reader feels as conflicts resolve is palpable.

Hawcroft is also a playwright, and this is evident in the crafting of the plot, as the reader moves from scene to scene effortlessly. This sense of drama throughout pulls the reader through the book quickly. There are no boring or tedious moments here, even as each characters’ back story is revealed. With expert timing and description, there is given a stunning sense of place and atmosphere. You believe every moment of this novel. You are affected by the textures, the sights, the scents and the sound of the story. And while there are a few scenes that come as a jarring disruption, this is not out of place with the action occurring at that time and acts to throw the reader slightly out of their comfort zone for just long enough to build the tension before pulling back to reality. The movement of the plot ebbs and flows beautifully. There is real conflict and resolution, genuine emotion and motivation. In short, The Man in the Painting is a bloody great read!


The Man in the Painting and other great ebooks by Andrew Hawcroft, such as I Fly, Univited Guests, Egan's Program, Goliaths Footprint, etc are available on Smashwords, Amazon and other reliable ebook sites. Here's the link to Andrews' blog as well so you can find out more about him and his work.

THE MAN IN THE PAINTING - Amazon Customer review

This review is from: THE MAN IN THE PAINTING (Kindle Edition)
Was WELL WRITTEN and kept my attention. Would recommend for teens as well as adults I very seldom read fiction as i can usually guess the ending which was not the case with this book. Its always nice to be pleasantly surprised . I want to say its a quick read, but i think it was only because i did not want to put it down. The characters in this book were very real life like. As i said before its hard for a male to write a females part and make it real. In my opinion ,WHICH I VALUE HIGHLY Someone has to.

GOLIATH'S FOOTPRINT - Amazon Customer review

This review is from: GOLIATH'S FOOTPRINT (Kindle Edition)
i would recommend this book to adults as well as teenagers. The story reminds me of the SHERLOCK HOMES story of THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. Not in the storyline but in the feel of the moors. I enjoyed it very much and could not put it down .I read it in two settings. I believe as i have said before it would make ONE HELL OF A MOVIE.

On DOCTOR WHO: A LIGHT IN THE DARK stageplay (Fan fiction only)

“Brilliant !! Loved it. You are a f****ing genius....thanks for letting me read this.” -Steve Spoor

“I very much enjoyed the Doctor Who play. I thought the dialog was in line with what I've come to expect from the Doctor and could hear his voice in my head as I read. It was definitely a bit darker, maybe not as quirky as the TV show, but it didn't seem "wrong" or out of place at all.
Outside of that, I thought the story flowed very nicely. There was a nice mix of the kind of humor and emotion I've come to expect from the series. There were multiple scenes that tugged hard on the ol' heart strings! Well done!”  - Nikki Gallo Hammond.


“Four of the most gripping ghost stories from prolific supernatural fiction writer M.R. James are brought to life in an atmospheric evening of drama.
An Unsettling Evening features four of M.R. James most famous ghost stories, which have been carefully adapted for the stage by one of Ireland’s brightest young scriptwriters Andrew Hawcroft.” - - Best of



“Just wanted to say congrats on how amazing the panto was last night, it was seriously good!!! All that time and effort that I know u all put in was definitely worth it! :D xxx
Just wanted to say panto was blooming brill,we all laughed a lot,well done to everyone,was really well

WELL DONE EVERYONE - was brill, haven't laughed so much in an age XXX”


 “If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there were a lot of beholders in the village hall to see the latest panto by Sherston Drama Group.
The packed performance of Beauty and the Beast, written by Andrew Hawcroft, drew on the traditional story, with additional fruit and a bit of sauce. There is Beauty, daughter of a pig farmer, and the Beast, who, as a prince, was far more objectionable than when he was transposed into a state of beastliness by the Spirit of the Forest.
Message: it is not what you look like, it’s what is inside that counts. The cast grows like topsy every year with some outstanding performances from everyone so it’s unfair to single out individuals.
But needs must, as the Spirit of the Forest might have said. Bonamy Smith as Beauty (Beatrice) was sweetness personified; Annabel Green, obnoxious nob, showed us that a lion’s heart can beat in a princely breast; and Richard Warren pigged out on his role as Beauty’s dad.
Kevin Smith once again cornered the market in panto villains; Shaun Scott was a wonderful (not so simple) Simple Simon; and Andrew Baker’s Michael Flathead was a mature performance from a young thesp. Meanwhile, Graham Instrell sat out most of the show as an amusingly mouthy narrator.
- Gazette & Herald.


"Cheers! Had a ball doing it! Thx for the great script. I hope the DVD is viewable / audible."
 Evonne Dunne

 “Haha! Legend! and thank you for making Tinkerbell kickass!” - Lily Morgan.

“Standing ovation last night!” - Lesley Robertson (AATG)

“We've really enjoyed rehearsing and performing your panto.” - Simon Ragsdale (SODS Panto)
“Best wishes and thanks for an excellent show.”
 -Richard Solomon
Treasurer, Onewhero Society of Performing Arts, Onewhero ..near Auckland, New Zealand

“The stage crew saw the rehearsal last evening, for the first time, and fell about laughing, so something's working!.....We had the biggest turnout at auditions for years! “ - Lesley Robertson (AATG)

“A big thank you to all in the Panto this year. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and think this one is the best so far. Go and see it if you can, you won't be disappointed.” - Peter Pan Panto(Bettridge Centre) Newtonhill

“We were at the panto last night and it was fantastic as usual!” - Eileen Murray

“Well done everyone involved, another great show. Hard work but it brings so much pleasure to so many. Thank you.” - Eilz

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