THE HAPPY ENDING PROJECT;  Low-budget romantic-drama.  A young Englishman with only a few days before a potentially fatal heart transplant operation, has come to California to hunt for the woman featured in a science-fiction book cover.  The woman he has completely fall in love with.

BORN AGAIN; Low-budget drama set in Ireland.  A middle-aged, frustrated Irish dance teacher, spends his days in a delapidated dance studio, believing he could have been so much more.  When a beautiful Russian woman and her son walk into his studio one day, requesting lessons, he qill quickly come to understand that happiness can come in many forms and in many ways...

INGRID'S BEACH; a romantic-drama set in Galway City, Ireland. The option of this was sold two years ago to an Irish production company, but fell through due to the IFB failing to fund due to the recession. The option has now been returned to me.   It tells the story of a lonely young man in Galway, Ireland, who one day finds a beautiful Romanian woman crying on the beach.   The encounter will give him new life, and new hope for a happiness he thought beyond him...
...Until the day he comes home to find his front door smashed in.    Love gives strength beyond measure though, and the young man will stop at nothing to find his beloved.

CELIA JORDAN, a deliberately old-fashioned, romantic-dramatic-thriller.  An austere young RAF secretary is so traumatised by the death of her beloved fiance', she agrees to become a hitwoman for the British government.  Thirty years on, she is still doing it.  A bitter and troubled woman in her fifties, she accepts the future is hopeless....until one day she passes her fiance' in the lobby of a motel...

TERRITORIALITY is a fantasy-drama. (My shot at the perfect monster movie.) Based upon the story which features in my collection UNINVITED GUESTS.   When scientists try to play God by artificially attracting fish stocks to a delapidated Cornish fishing village, a monstrous force from the ocean is attracted with them.

AMATEUR DRAMATIC; a romantic comedy-drama about a disillusioned mechanic's life being transformed when he is pulled into the world of amateur theatre.

THE MAN IN THE PAINTING;  A dark fantasy-drama. Low-budget as largely set around one small cottage.  Based upon my novella of the same name.   A young lawyer and her son, threatened by organised crime, have their lives turned around by the discovery of a painting within a secret room inside their country home.

GODDEROCK;  An old-fashioned, atmospheric John Carpenter-esque thriller regarding an ancient evil unleashed upon an isolated community, based upon my YA novel of the same name.  A domestically-abused woman finds a strange book beneath her shop's floorboards.

THE SUPER SATURDAY SHOWTIME SPECTACULAR!; An ensemble comedy set largely around a single TV studio.

AN UNSETTLING EVENING; my adaptation of five of M.R. James most famous ghost stories, and easily the most low-budget of my scripts.
The stageplay version of this script had a brief run in the Palace Theatre, Southend, London in November 2011.


FRIENDLY DEMON; A fantasy comedy-drama series.
DAVID's JOURNEY;  An emotionally epic 10-part drama series.
THE MAGICAL MAN;   A fantasy drama series.

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