Thursday, 9 January 2014

New edition of EGAN'S PROGRAM finally ready

Hello everyone.

Some time ago I received a flattering review of EGAN'S PROGRAM, the 10th of my 13 (so far Young Adult fiction novels.)    The review also pointed out a number of typing errors, something which always bothers me badly. My only excuse is that at the time of downloading it, I was suffering from dreadful eyestrain from trying to convert 11 novels into e-books at the same time.     Thankfully, things have improved since then, and I have recently taken it on myself to given EGAN'S PROGRAM a full polish in many respects, both technically and creatively.    It should be online to buy and sample from Amazon, B&, Kobo, Easons, Smashwords, etc, in 24 hours from this post.

Best wishes for 2014.


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