Monday, 5 August 2013

DOCTOR WHO stageplay - poster and synopsis

In light of the terrific casting of Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, I will draw attention to my one-and-only (ever) fan fiction project, a full-length DOCTOR WHO stage play written late last year (I think.)

DOCTOR WHO: A LIGHT IN THE DARK was in my mind for years, and it was a real labour of love.  Sadly it will only ever be fan fiction, but fans of theatre (of all kinds) and Whovians are welcome to contact me and I will forward it for their consideration via email.    I mocked up a poster (below) as a visual/mood guide.

A couple of DW fans have already requested and reviews it.  (See REVIEWS page.)     A synopsis is below.

DOCTOR WHO: A Light In The Dark
A stage play
 (Fan Fiction Only)

Based upon the BBC Television series
Story and script by Andrew Hawcroft


Earth:  Present Day -  Eastern Europe:
At the end of the Carpathian mountain range, in the Romanian district of Orsova,
there stands a poorly-maintained, near-derelict orphanage amongst the jagged
rocks and frozen, unforgiving woodlands.   Inside, six children, led by the remarkable
14 year-old Romanian girl. Florina Pellea, attempt to survive the brutish  reign of
orphanage director Gregor and onsite ‘health care provider’ Nurse Vilani.
When things are at their ugliest, like an answer to their prayers, there arrives a strange
 man who travels in a large blue box.  He claims he is chasing a villain from another
world, but makes time to finally bring some hope and happiness into the lives of the
 children he finds in that ghastly place.
Unfortunately, that villain will turn the tables, and force The Doctor and Florina to
 travel to an ice-bound world to retrieve The Orborium, the most dangerous object in
existence, from the most dangerous location in existence.
And in the end, The Doctor, having travelled alone for too long, will learn from a
fourteen  year-old girl the importance of friendship in the least friendly place one          
could imagine...

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